The Road Trip

In December of 2010, the cast of the Chris Gethard Show began fundraising for the show’s most ambitious project yet – a 12 day long show that uses the entire United States of America as its stage!

On January 15, 2011, the cast will do a show in New York City. On January 27th, they’ll do a show in Los Angeles. Everything else about this trip has been determined by you, the American public, via the internet! Kickstarter donations landed us shows in Boston, Richmond, Chapel Hill, and Austin. Besides that, we’ll be using Twitter and Facebook while out on the road to see where we should go, what we should eat, and who wants to hang out with us.

You can click on the links on the map below to see what we’ve been up to so far. And follow the madness in real time on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #AmericaGethard. And if we pass through your neck of the woods and you want to have us over for dinner/let us use your showers/let us do laundry at your house/let us sleep on your floor, please do get involved and say the word! We’d love to see you!*
Sincerely, Chris, Shannon, Will, Don, Joe, Bill, Robot Riley, Demuth, JD, Johnnie, Erika the Intern, and Bethany!

* No cool kids.