2/8 on TCGS – A New Field of Randoms

Thanks to everyone who checked out Loser Is The New Nerd. I think it was an unqualified success and that we celebrated losers worldwide! We had calls from all over the US, all over Canada, it was very cool! And on top of that, it is inarguable that The Stumblebum Brass Band tore the god damn room off of MNN Studios.

This week will be an exciting but bittersweet episode of The Chris Gethard Show – for this week, we meet a NEW FIELD OF RANDOMS.

For any newer viewers of TCGS, the legend and tradition of the RANDOM goes as such:

– During episode 2 of TCGS, we received a phone call from a young lady from Jean. She agreed to come to our studio and appear on the show. Since we didn’t know her and she appeared randomly, she was dubbed Random Jean. She appeared on 15 straight episodes of our show.

– When Random Jean moved to California, we held a contest to see who would replace her and hold the Random seat on the Chris Gethard Show. Four applicants, including Random Dan, Random Christy, and Random George – battled to see who would get the crown. In the end, Random Andrew won and has been with the show ever since.

Random Andrew’s time on the show is now up! No one can ever hold the Random seat longer than Jean. She set the term limits, a la George Washington. We are all super sad to see Andrew leave. He is a great, great guy and has been a tremendous asset to the show. But this is just how the world of TCGS works, so –

This upcoming week, we will welcome a record THIRTEEN contestants for the New Random. Each will have two minutes to explain to the world why they think they are the best candidate to be the new Random.

As soon as our show ends, viewers will be able to come to this website, where they can vote on which Random they’d like to see take the seat for the next 15 weeks. On the 2/15 episode of the show, the top two vote getters will return and compete head to head so that this very important decision can be settled once and for all.

On top of all that drama and intrigue, we’ll have music from the very badass ladies known as The Debutante Hour ! I am super psyched for this show!

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