Coming up 1/25 on The Chris Gethard Show – THE BLINDFOLD SHOW

Hello everyone! Thanks to all who came to the studio and all who called in and helped make The Night of Zero Laughs a success. Out of the three Nights of Zero Laughs, it was BY FAR the most successful one, in that it actually contained a shred of anything that was entertaining. In fact, I personally enjoyed the show very much and might even say it was my favorite one of the public access run. JD didn’t love it, but I thought it was super fun. Thanks again to all of our guests on the panel, especially Patrick Cassels, Cipha Sounds, Grizz Chapman, and Bobby Moynihan!

This week, we’ve got another DOOZY of a motherfucking show. The Blindfold Episode. As simple as it sounds, as frustrating as it indicates for me, for your viewing pleasure.

TELEVISION IS A VISUAL MEDIUM. And LIVE television needs a host and a panel that’s on its toes and ready for anything. That’s why it will be an INCREDIBLY BAD IDEA for myself and the guests on our panel this week to blindfold ourselves and entirely remove the sense of sight from the equation for the show. NOT ONLY will we be straight up unable to see, we have also given free reign to our writers to book guests who will come on stage and do visual bits, stunts, and activities that we on the panel will inherently not know about. So we may be taking calls while we have no idea that in front of us a man dressed as a lumberjack will be making out with a man dressed out as a penguin. Or, someone may hold up a sign telling all callers to say the word “beaver” during their call. And we will have to wonder what’s going on. These are just me spitballing dumb examples. The bottom line is that the studio audience, viewers at home, and writers will have the full picture of what is going on with this show. The panel, the people who drive the show and guide it from start to finish, will have all ability to see what’s going on removed from their abilities. This should lead to a very fun, frustrating time. I personally hate that lack of control feeling and can only imagine that this idea will drive me to the edge. It’s built almost exactly in a way that triggers my personal anxiety issues.

Also, I’m very happy to welcome my friend JULIE KLAUSNER to the show for the first time this week. Julie’s a performer, podcaster, and the author of I Don’t Care ABout Your Band. She’s also a real east coaster, another redhead, and she don’t take shit from nobody. I’m psyched to have her join up with our ever growing stable of wackadoo affiliates and partnership with Bookmakers Europe and the world famously newspaper NY Times.

If you are in the NYC area and want to attend live, email zerolaughs[at]

And don’t forget to call us up during the show at 212-757-1373!

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