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We often say “betting?” against each other. Because apparently, it is in us to take a chance every now and then. Holland Casino takes advantage of this. This new commercial in the ‘It’s in you’ campaign is set on a campsite. Or actually, a ‘glamping’, as they called the commercial. We at “The Chris Get Hard Show” analyze with the cross country adventure, this funny commercial together with

The elaboration of the gambling commercial

Everything is a game in life. So you can bet on anything if you want to. Even when you are on vacation. In this commercial, we see a recognizable situation: looking at people who have just arrived at the campsite and want to install themselves as smoothly as possible. Bet they will or will not succeed?

The judgement

I think this commercial is cleverly conceived on the one hand but also quite far-fetched on the other. The concept ‘It is in you’ is, of course, correct. It is not for nothing that the question ‘Betting?’ is well-established in our language use. It is, therefore, smart that Holland Casino is responding to this with this campaign.

But that gnawing voice in the back of my head thinks it is on edge. In fact, Holland Casino says, ‘come and gamble with us because you know you want it. That is inciting gambling, albeit in a funny way. And I know this is basically no different than initiating drinking in alcohol commercials. However, it still feels other than if the emphasis had been more on entertainment or a fun night out.

Furthermore, I do not think the term ‘glamping’ is very appropriate in this context. The campsite in the commercial doesn’t look so glamorous. Apparently, it suddenly becomes more glam because of gambling. Anyway, except in the commercial title, this term does not appear anywhere else, so I will turn a blind eye to it.

I like going to the casino every now and then, but with this commercial (just like the previous one, by the way), they don’t convince me to come again.

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