Be in Our New Advice Web Series

Many of our viewers often need advice. We are always happy to provide it! Even when Gethard himself doesn’t have time to check in, we want to make sure that our viewers have a platform to ask advice of him and other members of the show community. Whether it’s personal recommendations on things, or if you want an aspect of the world explained, we want to be here for you!

If you want to participate in this web series, please send us a video of you asking a question. You can do this by uploading a video of your question here!

In particular, we’re looking for people who have questions about the following:

  • Politics (Especially conservative politics)
  • Wealth Disparity
  • Food

But honestly? We’re open to anything! Get those videos coming in!

Once you’ve submitted a video, please take a moment to sign our digital release form! We cannot use your video in our web series if you do not sign the release form.

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