Chris Gethard (Broad City, The Office), veteran improviser and comedian, moves his successful talk show from the dungeons of public access to the world of deep cable. 

Proudly described as “The weirdest, and often saddest, talk show on television” – The Chris Gethard Show doesn’t shy away from things getting strange. It’s a truly interactive show where one phone call from someone watching at home can completely change the course of an episode… and sometimes even the series as a whole! 

Though it airs on Fusion, the show live streams it’s real episode tapings for free online, encouraging fans to call in and interact with the show in real time.

The only way to truly understand TCGS is to dive head first into it’s strange little world. Check out some clips and full episodes – and then head over to our 24/7 chatroom, and ask the fans themselves what the hell they’re going on about. 

You may regret it, but we hope you won’t.