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Fortunately, you don’t have to be an accountant to accurately calculate your profit and loss. It is helpful to know what Return on Investment (ROI) and profit percentage mean. These turn out to be handy tools. These two terms are mainly used in economics, but they are simple enough to understand everyone.

What is the win percentage in betting for example with the euro 2016 championship?

Calculate sports bets

The ROI is the ratio between the money won or lost and the amount of money invested. It is also referred to as “rate of profit” or simply “rate of return”. It is almost always calculated over a period that the gambler determines in advance.

This is usually a fiscal year in the financial world, but it is also common to calculate ROI per month.

Betting looks at all bets placed in a specific period. The Return on Investment index leads to accurate conclusions when the money invested directly influences the result. The formula is as follows:

ROI = (Profit or Loss / Balance) x 100%

Let’s give an example. Let’s say you’ve decided to bet $ 1,000 on sports betting for the entire season. You open an online account with a reliable bookmaker and deposit € 1,000. You also divide the balance into 100 parts of € 10 and bet € 10 every day on a single bet. Moreover, you do not withdraw money, and you do not make any additional deposits.

After a year of 365 x € 10 bets with a 53.4% ​​success rate (195 won and 170 lost bets) and an average quote of 1.92, you have seen your balance rise to € 1,094. After one year, you, therefore, have a Return on Investment of 9.4%.

However, suppose you want to calculate your ROI more accurately. In that case, it’s essential to subtract everything you spend to bet from your winnings. These include the cost of your internet connection, any hardware or software you may be using. But also the working hours and any other expenses such as bank charges and any cash injections.

American Football Betting

With American Football, there are, of course, several options on which to bet. You can choose who will be the winner. You can also add a handicap to the winner, putting him in a virtual lead or behind.

You also have an under/over option per team or combined for the entire match (FOXSport). Here you bet on a fixed number of points that you think will be scored more or less. You can bet on different individual players, for example, whether they make a touchdown.

In addition, in matches where extra time may be needed, you can bet whether spare time will be required during the game. You can bet on the quarters and the halftime stand. Which team will be ahead after the first fifteen minutes, during halftime, etc. Also, when betting on the quarters, there is an over / under option. You can bet on the number of points on the scoreboard.

In short, there are many options when betting on American football. In addition, there is the option to bet live on the most prominent sports event in the world. With this, you can directly respond to the events.

Do you think there will be an interception? Then you can respond to it live. Before the NFL starts in September, you can, of course, also place an outright bet and choose who will become the AFC, NFC or Super Bowl champions. You can also set this bet during the season.

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